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"Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter."

Still confused by this new update page. I am not smart enough for it.


1) New job has been acquired. I'd talk about it more, but I'm sort of talked out about it.

2) Now that new job has been acquired, a new apartment will also be acquired shortly.

3) Anime is being watched.

4) Heading to Vegas a couple of times over the summer.

Still watching movies! A couple weeks ago I finished <i>Sunrise</i>, an old black and white, silent movie (but with a Movietone music soundtrack). While the story is quite explicitly archetypal and moral, the styling of the movie and its attention to detail is actually pretty impressive, even to me. It's not a movie that gets to its point. In fact, the story is pretty stupid, simple, and straightforward. It barely contains the imagery of the film.

It lovingly meanders through slice-of-life type imagery. At first it's just tourists, then a bucolic village, then a couple spending a day together. Without watching the commentary, I would definitely have not appreciated it as much as it deserves. The artistry makes the film, more than anything else, and I don't know enough about the period of films and filmmaking to truly understand the quality of the film.

That being said, I do think the film deserves recognition for quality, but I still do not really like it. And I watched it twice, once with commentary. It's not the silence or the black and white, it's just the story. It's incredibly predictable and insipid. There's nothing complex about it, and so without appreciating the history of film, it's difficult to enjoy much else about it.

Yesterday my cousin and I went to the Getty Center for some museum fun. I wanted to view the Looking East exhibit, while my cousin wanted to see the Overdrive exhibit. As native Southern Californians, the Overdrive exhibit was incredibly interesting and very well done. It encompasses a lot of what makes Southern California unique, and explicates the creative and artistic culture that was cultivated here in a way not possible is most of the rest of the world. We also saw the Ed Ruscha exhibit and the Japanese photography one, both of which were interesting. We viewed a few of the permanent exhibits, particularly the decorative arts and European paintings.

We also spent a lot of time eating in the cafe and walking around the gardens taking pictures. Shhh, don't judge us.

How're the rest of you?


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May. 30th, 2013 12:22 am (UTC)
YOU'RE ALIVE! *GLOMPS* Well, I knew that from your comment on my entry, but STILL! YAY!

Still confused by this new update page. I am not smart enough for it.
LOL That is why I use either Dreamwidth and crosspost the entry, or use the LJ client Semagic :)

Hurray for new job and the promise of a new apartment!

We also spent a lot of time eating in the cafe and walking around the gardens taking pictures. Shhh, don't judge us.
Pffffffft I'm sure you're not as bad as I am. If it's not hot and muggy, I could spend hours and hours out of doors and taking pictures. In fact, I did it just recently at a zoo - barely even stopped for lunch, just took like five minutes to eat a hot dog from a cart XD
Jun. 6th, 2013 04:02 am (UTC)
Yes! I am! And have been! I just can't stand LJ anymore and keep forgetting to use it.

Nice! I am getting old, so sitting down in the shade and taking my time to eat seems like a great idea now, no matter where I am.
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